I Woke Up Like This

In honor of Queen B’s birthday last week, I just had to do a tribute to her by naming my post “I woke up like this”. (For all you who don’t know who queen b is…it’s Beyonce. And these are song lyrics:)) BUT…as much as a love to rep Bey, my true obsession in this post is the midi tulle skirt. I think these are an amazing fall trend, and I’m hoping to snag a couple more before we get too into the season so I can demonstrate a couple more styles that I have fallen in love with that consist of skirts such as this!

Another thing I’d like to let you all know is that my whole outfit, minus the shoes, is all from Simply Chic, an adorable boutique near Bellevue!! I had the lovely opportunity of going in and working with the ladies there and we had so much fun! I will definitely share more of my favorite pieces from their collections later on 🙂

As far as my last couple of days go..yesterday was my only day off all week so I spent a little “me” time which consisted of getting ready for my upcoming trip! I am an awful packer and forget important things every single time I travel..so I made myself a list and have already started making piles all over my bedroom floor. I’m going to be the one that shows up at the airport with no passport…just wait. Anyways, can’t wait to share with you guys all my fun little goodies I’ve been collecting for my vaycay 🙂

Have a great Monday everyone! xo

Thank you Simply Chic for sponsoring this post


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