Two Sides Collide

One of my absolute favorite trends right now is PLAID! Finding different ways to wear this pattern has been so fun lately, from flannels to skirts to pants to scarves, I simply can’t get enough! So when I saw all the fun designs of plaid scarves that Two Sides Collide carries, I couldn’t resist a collaboration with them. Not only are the designs amazing…but they also snap on so they remain this shape ALL THE TIME! Say goodbye to having to fix your scarf to keep it in the style you want throughout the day! 

In order to really share my love for Two Side Collide, I have teamed up with them to an Instagram giveaway for one of these beauties!

All you must do is:

1. Be a follower of @karlierae, @twosidescollide, and @angiearmsphoto (click each for a direct link to each page)

2. “Like” my giveaway picture on Instagram!

These scarves are perfect gifts for the upcoming holidays and locally made for us Washington folks!! (I am always a huge supporter of local businesses). So follow & like away 🙂

Happy Monday! Hope everyone is getting their tummies ready for some Thanksgiving grub! xo Karlie Rae

Photos: Photos by Angie and Paul

Scarves: Two Sides Collide / Black Denim: Nasty Gal / Shirt: Target / Shoes: Converse / Beanie: Topshop


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