Arizona Diary

If you are at all contemplating a trip to the sunny Aizona…GO. I have an indescribable love for warm weather, and AZ this time of year is perfect! Mid seventies to eighties the entire trip, luxury outdoor shopping, patio dining, and you mustn’t forget the pool-side sun bathing. (I do have to admit that my only complaint is the fact that they have smoking hot weather and NO BEACH, half of my heart will always belong to Cali and tropical locations for that reason alone).  

Now to the fun part, sharing my trip with you all! 

In Phoenix, we had the pleasure of staying at the Royal Palms Resort and Spa. BOY OH BOY was it stunning. I snapped a couple photos for you guys on our last day because I really wanted to share it’s beauty! Currently wishing I would have spent less time getting my tan on and more time roaming around with my good ol’ canon. But then again, vacations are for a little “me” time. Another aspect that made me love this resort was the staff. They were all helpful, sweet and had a great sense of humor! We truly felt catered to the whole time we stayed here which for me is hard to find at just your average resort. 

Free People was my style of choice for a large percentage of this trip. There’s something about the bohemian vibe that makes you feel pretty and feminine. Shop my dress here!

DIEGO POPS! My beautiful friend, Sara (follow her insta here, she has fabulous style you will love!), took me out for dinner one night to one of my favorite kinds of food…Mexican! Easily the trendiest Mexican restaurant I’ve ever been to. And isn’t that pineapple wallpaper to die for? It took everything in me not to rip it off the wall and take it home with me. They also had outdoor seating with stringed lights and a fire place, and did I mention all the accents of PINK? The atmosphere is unique and made me want to come back over and over again. Aside from the appearance, they’re food is delicious. I got a grilled salmon bowl, (if you know anything about me you know my love for everything seafood), and Sara got a shrimp plate that let you create your own tacos! We started with the guac which is a MUST! P.s. I have also heard their nachos are a big time seller so that will be my dinner of choice when I get to go back for round two. 

This is of course another Free People dress! I LOVE this particular dress of mine because it is so versatile and can be worn on numerous occasions. I wore it out to a fancy dinner, shopping, and even one day slipped it over the top of my swim suit before laying out by the pool. Find it here! (they recently came out with new colors which are GORGEOUS!)

I must admit, when my mom and I decided to hike Camelback Mountain, more specifically Echo Canyon Trail, we were not informed that this particular trail wasn’t exactly just a hike but more like full fledge rock climbing!! They’re were even people who were wearing gloves and knee pads! We were definitely under the impression we were going for a scenic adventure that would give us a little bit of a workout at the same time but a workout is an understatement. I must say, the difficulty was a shock but this just might be my favorite hike I’ve ever been on. It was such a fun time!! And getting to the top was so rewarding. If you’re ever in the Phoenix area, this is a must. And I have warned you about the rock climbing aspect so you will be prepared 🙂 // tank: LuluLemon 


Experiences not pictured:

Pinnacle Peak- This hike is up past northern Scottsdale and if you are into views of beautiful homes and golf courses you will LOVE this particular hike! I used my Run Keeper app to detect how far we traveled and an estimate of how many calories we burned and it was 4 miles and a great workout! This is one of those trails where you have beautiful views the entire time. 

Mastro’s Ocean Club- BEST SEAFOOD RESTAURANT ON THE PLANET. We had nothing short of an incredible experience here. If you’re not feeling in the mood to splurge on a dinner, then at least stop in for the pretzel bread and their famous beverages. Really though. As for what we ordered, we had tasty starter salads and their seafood tower which allows you to pick any seafood you want, and it comes out in a ginormous platter of ice with all different kinds of dipping sauces. Can you say crab? My fav. 

The Mission- Okay like I mentioned earlier, Mexican food is one of my absolute favorite foods ever ever ever. Diego Pops did have a fun atmosphere and is more casual..but if you are looking to have the BEST tacos and guac you will ever eat in your absolutely have to go to The Mission. It’s a must. To start off, if you order guacamole as a starter, they come over with a cart, all the ingredients and make it right I front of you! What a presentation!!! Aside from the visuality, the guac itself is thick and fresh and I cannot even explain it. My mom and I had to order seconds. Now for our entree we both ordered tacos. Can you guess what I’m going to say next? So good. All I can say is if you’re lover of Mexican food, add this to your list.

Top Golf- My boyfriend, his brother, his sister-in-law and myself thought we would go on a fun double date one day so we decided we would try top golf for our first time! It’s basically virtual golf where you golf out of a building into an open field with targets, your ball has a tracker and depending what target you hit you get points! You can play individually or on teams and it was a great time. Similar to bowling, you have a table where you can socialize or order food/drinks while you’re waiting for your turn. This may be the only kind of golfing I actually enjoy…(shh don’t tell Alec)! 




Dearest Arizona; it’s been wonderful, cannot wait til next time  



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