Travelin': Cruise Style

FINALLY, after nearly a week of being home I have gotten up my latest travel post! As many of you (insta)grammars out there know, I was away for a week on a cruise through the Mexican Riviera! I think that whining about the clouds and the rain is a daily routine of mine living in Seattle, so basking in the sun for a week? Zero complaints. And, not only did I get to sunbathe as much as my heart desires, I also got to travel to three beautiful places; Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas. Ahhh I love seeing the world. 

Dress: Sabo Skirt

My palace for the week was called the Ruby Princess, one of the many Princess Cruise ships. The ship was beautiful, the staff were gorgeous (men and women from all over the world), the atmosphere was exciting and the food was delicious, and did I mention all-inclusive? One night my sister and I ordered about seven meals from room service all at once, just because we wanted to try everything. No joke.

Stop numero uno, Puerto Vallarta. I got a little bit of everything here, some fun snorkling, a scenic hike and a touch of the culture. We made our way around with the help of Vallarta Adventures, BEST decision. The staff on the boat were absolutely hilarious and I was nothing short of entertained every second. If you happen to end up in PV, you must go on an adventure with them, I’m telling you. 

Stop numero dos, Mazatlan. Our day here was very laid back…and I loved it. We found a little “hole in the wall” type restaurant about 45 minutes from where our port was, right on a quiet beach; where we had lunch and explored for hours. It showed me the importance of wandering off the beaten path while traveling, and the quietness was much needed after being on a boat with 3,200 people!

Stop numero thres, Cabo San Lucas. Out of all the places we went to, I think I could stay here the longest. Our water taxi took us to some STUNNING scenery which I could have explored for hours, (if the waves hadn’t been such flipping tsunamis out there). There were beautiful resorts, tons of activities on the beach, shopping, restaurants; a little bit of everything for everyone. 


Happy weekend & Happy early Easter!


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