How To Travel (eat) Portland

Traveling to new cities, near or far, is my absolute favorite thing to do. There’s something about discovering a place’s culture, the personalities of the people, and truly getting out & exploring a foreign place. You have your own book filled with blank pages just awaiting your own personal writing and photographs. My biggest tips before your world travels or weekend getaways? Do your pinterest homework and talk to the locals. My “wander” board started overflowing with different posts on the best activities and eateries in Portland, by the time I got there I already had a full bucket list for the weekend. But, even with my pinterest research, my favorite spots that we found were due to us asking the locals. They’ll always point you to the true greatness of where their from, not just the touristy things. Side note: the locals were SO FRIENDLY.

Obvious or not, if I had to describe my weekend in Portland in one word…it would be food. I swear Portland’s entire culture is based around dining, MY DREAM. While you were eating one meal you were already planning out your next three. You definitely have six or seven meals, not three.

Our stay was relatively short so we had to get in everything in within a two-day window. After our day of driving and checking in to our hotel, all Alec wanted was a good steak. We did some research on our phones for “best steakhouses” and went with his gut feeling, finding ourselves at RingSide. BEST STEAK OF MY LIFE. I wish I could say that I am exaggerating, but I’m not. Our entire meal was outstanding from the bacon wrapped scallops, to the grilled asparagus, and finishing it off with creme brûlée. I am so disappointed that I didn’t capture any photos here…we were just so hungry that was the last thing we were thinking! The vibe of this restaurant was such a hole in the wall, with brick walls and dimmed lighting. It’s truly a must if you’re a steak lover like my boyfriend!

Hotel Monaco was our home for the weekend, and once again I am wishing I would have taken photos of the inside! It’s a boutique hotel so everything was colorful, random, and unique. I loved it. So different from anywhere I’ve ever stayed. We even had a pink chandelier in our room (which we were in because they upgraded us to a grand suite)! Our hotel was also right center Portland giving us the ability to walk anywhere we needed to go, to all the different districts.

If you really wanna get in touch with the eatery of the city, Pine State Biscuits has to be on your list. Mouth-watering breakfast or lunch sandwiches and chocolate milk to die for.

(outfit details under pizza picture, scroll down)

After that intense breakfast at Pine State, we had to walk it off; so we walked miles and miles back across the bridge, to the waterfront park, and all around the downtown shopping areas. Truthfully, we had to of walked at least 7 miles that day but the scenery was entirely worth it! Our legs were complete jello before we even ate dinner.

FOOD TRUCKS. Portland’s staple. I have never seen so many in my entire life. When visiting it’s a must that you walk through them and snack at a couple.

I’ll try to contain my excitement here…but being from Seattle, I have at least two coffees a day. Almost every time I travel I’m disappointed at the lack of coffee in the area or the quality. Alec and I both agree that Stumptown is our new all-time favorite coffee. I usually have to add some sort of flavoring and cream or milk to mine because I have such a sweet tooth, but their brews are so delicious..just a little milk and PERFECTION. I want to beg them to open one in Seattle, I will run it.

Voodoo, always on any Portland to-do list. 

If you’re an ice cream lover such as myself, Salt & Straw place will blow your mind. Flavors like you’ve never seen before such as Pear & Blue Cheese, Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper, as well as some classic flavors. Don’t question or judge, just trust.

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My caption under VooDoo Donuts was pretty simple and sweet…soley because Blue Star Donuts won the competition in my opinion. They were AMAZING, I had to get two (and close my eyes as I eat them cause I’m a total weirdo and wanted to take in the moment). 

I told you their mascot is food. Everywhere. 

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These are the only photos I got of TILT, but I adored this place. It was branded so well, the vibe of the menu fit every single corner. It’s an American food and burger joint with a hand-cocktail bar attached. Alec had them create cocktails during our whole dinner, and they would make masterpieces right before your eyes. They don’t carry many big name bottles and everything they make is unique and crafted by their staff. TILT is also known for their pies which I didn’t get a chance to taste but I think you can agree they look tasty tasty. 


Peace out Portland, thank you for a memorable weekend I will definitely be back x


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    June 16, 2015 / 10:02 pm

    My mouth is watering! Sounds delicious!

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