Dainty is More

Everybody knows the saying “less is more”, but one thing we all also know is that’s not always true. For example; more sushi is better, more sunshine is better (in my opinion sorry cold weather lovers), more love is better, more ice cream is better. Point taken? Yet..in my case today, I have to agree with the old saying. Dainty pieces are more. Simple bralettes, jewelry and even tops and shoes can turn into the statement of your look. And that’s what I love about this!

Now on the other hand, NYFW shopping is anything but dainty and simple; and it is also my number one stress in life at the moment. Pathetic right? But you have to agree, looking stylish in Seattle is A MILLION times easier than looking even semi-stylish in New York. Aside from what to wear all week, I have also been brainstorming what to do!!! There’s way too much. So; CALLING ALL NEW YORK VETERANS, what places/activities should I add to my list? I’m dying to know what’s actually worth doing and seeing! Have a great Thursday everyone & don’t forget to comment or send me your ideas!


Photography: Aleigh Michelle

Bralette here & here | Urban Outfitters top | Forever 21 body chain | Converse sneakers


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  1. Sara
    August 27, 2015 / 9:44 pm

    I love you dainty one! ❤️

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