Let’s Talk Skin

Real talk. I have always been struggling with my skin type. To start, I have facial blemishes which causes me to always hide behind some sort of powder or liquid foundation, even if it’s the slightest amount for my “no makeup days”. Problem number two, acne. I don’t necessarily get huge intense breakouts, but I feel like no matter how good I am about washing my face, taking my makeup off before bed, and using good products, it always comes back to haunt me! Especially those nasty black heads. I’m really hoping this problem is something that lessens with age (crossing my fingers). Lastly, I am oil mania. I have to carry those oil absorb sheets in my purse & my makeup is always coming off half way through the day. AHHHH. But lately, I have really been making it a priority to have healthier skin. There is one skin care product in particular that has become oh so important to me lately, A GOOD MASK. I got this Dermalogica mask about two weeks ago and I love it. It’s a charcoal mask, so it goes on dark which are my favorites all thanks to my twelve year old self and my idea of a girls night being with black and green face masks and nail painting. It leaves my skin baby bottom soft and is helping with my journey to healthier skin. I woke up with the BIGGEST zit on my cheek last week, used this mask about two times and boom, nearly gone. It is detoxifying, anti aging, & exfoliating all in one. And… if you haven’t heard, I got ENGAGED on Friday!! (Post sharing my engagement story hopefully coming soon if I can get my life in order!) Which means I definitely need to be taking care of my skin for all the upcoming parties and photos! Yayayay! Ps. my new fiance got me a puppy, named Leo, and you will see him popping up in a lot of my posts I’m sure as he is making an appearance in this one!!


Here is how I use the mask myself:

>Apply mask all over face, I pat it in not massage it in for a heavier application. Avoid your lips and eyes if you didn’t assume so already.

>Let sit for 7-10 minutes. Take a snapchat or two. 

>Rinse. I will get my hands pretty wet and as I’m rinsing massage my face to really get some good exfoliating while I rinse. 



ALSO. Since it is Christmas-week…I am doing a giveaway for samples of this mask! You will receive four samples, which will last you two weeks if you use it twice a week!!! First 20 people to email me THROUGH MY CONTACT PAGE’S FORM with your ADDRESS will receive this lovely little christmas gift, from me to you! 

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a special holiday <3 


thank you Dermalogica & Salon Services for sponsoring this post 


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