engagements pt. one

There is officially only 100 days until we tie the knot! As if you guys haven’t gotten enough of our first round of engagement photos…here’s more!! I am absolutely in love with them, I wish I could post every single one (we got about 70 back so even this isn’t the half of it!). When Alec and I started wedding planning, there was one thing we knew we were going to try to do; and that was get Jordan Voth as our wedding photographer. We have met Jordan one other time, and have followed his work for years so we knew he would be a great match; and I think you all might agree! Working with him was a dream, and so was getting our photos back. He is extremely talented and he photographs couples as they naturally interact so you get the sweet “candid” type photos as well as the more posed. We have another round of engagements we are doing with him soon so I cannot wait to share those with you guys as well as our wedding photos once that comes around! Yay!! 

As I am sure you can see from these pictures, Alec truly is a catch. His looks aren’t even the half of it 🙂 he makes me laugh, and smile & feel beautiful every single day. I cannot wait to become his Mrs in a few short months. Thank you for following our little love journey & have a beautiful day everyone xx 

photos x Jordan Voth


my outfit: dress | booties | flower crown 

alec’s outfit: shirt | pants | boots



  1. Sammy
    April 23, 2016 / 2:14 pm

    Hello Beautiful … What I love the most about these photos is not how beautiful you two are (you are) but how they capture the love between you! Can’t wait for June 11th!

  2. Kammy
    April 23, 2016 / 2:15 pm

    Why does MY OWN computer auto-correct my name to Sammy?

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