Current Skincare Routine

The reason I say “current”, is because I am all about switching up my products; whether it’s face wash, moisturizer, or shampoo and conditioner. I try to change it up every once in awhile since your skin or hair gets used to what you’re constantly applying to it. I usually rotate between face wash every time I run out and need a new one! The line I have been loving lately, is Image Skincare. It’s a spa-carrying line meaning you can only buy it from a spa, salon, or special site; you can’t just walk into your local drug store to find it. But that’s where you find the good stuff! *Side note, if you live in the Seattle area, the Stan Parente Salon carries Image Skincare so you could buy in store instead of online!

CLEANSER. My skin is all sorts of crazy. It’s dominantly oily, which sucks. It’s prone to acne, which sucks. It’s blotchy, which sucks. So these are the types of conditions I like to take control over. I go back and forth between two different face washes at the moment, one being Image’s balancing facial cleanser. It is ORGANIC (woo!), made with a blend of chamomile, green tea, and oat kernel extract. What I love about it is it is for all skin types, cleans away any makeup or impurities, and balances the pH of your skin which acts as a toner too. The other cleanser I use is for my season of breakouts. It is the salicylic gel cleanser. While removing makeup and excess oil, it also exfoliates and de-shines your skin. It’s more ideal for you with oily or acne prone skin, and I definitely rotate between this and the balancing cleanser so I’m not always so harshly washing it. BUT, it does work miracles. I’ve never found a face wash that helps with my break outs so much! 

MOISTURIZER. Again with me rotating through different products. There are three different moisturizers I rotate through at the moment. Have I mentioned I have crazy skin or need I say more? If I am looking for a sunscreen + moisturizer combo. I will either apply the Daily Matte Moisturizer (SPF 32) or the Tinted Moisturizer (SPF 30) depending on how oily I’m feeling. The matte moisturizer is a legit life saver for us oily folks, and the tinted is great for those days your skin just needs to look a little more even-toned, (especially those no makeup days). Both are oil-free and paraben free. Last, for those odd days where I am either feeling dry or sunburnt, my Hydrating Repair Creme is my bff. It’s infused with Vitamins A, C, and E and would be a perfect every day moisturizer if you generally have dry skin. It’s also anti-aging…bonus.


My Medicated Acne Masque is THE acne mask. I only put it on problem areas, and for only 5-10 minutes! True miracle worker, and you can feel it tingle (maybe slightly sting) which I love since I feel like it’s working that much more!! 

One word. Clarisonic. Truthfully I could talk about this all day…once you get one you are hooked. I cannot even wash my face without it because it will just never feel as clean.  Plus, a friend of mine found some cheaper replacement heads off of Amazon which are a huge money saver! 

I recently decided to let go of my eyelash extensions. Sad day. But they needed a break to regain their strength again (and so did my wallet hehe). Revitalash has been my biggest support system during this time. It is helping my natural lashes to be long, strong, and full until the time comes that I crack and get my extensions put back on again! But truthfully, you will love the results…beautiful eyelashes!

Last, this is my newest obsession, Epionce Lytic Sport Tx. It’s another acne product, if you haven’t assumed already. I apply it at night, after I wash my face. It has completely helped clear up the breakouts on my chin which I get caused by my hormones and this is the first thing that has actually helped!! It clears out your impurities so you may notice a few more pimples initially that normal, but that means its working. And after about a weeks use, you will see the results!! (If you live in the south Seattle area, Elite Skin and Esthetics in Maple Valley sells it!)


As always, feel free to contact me with any questions! Have a great day! xx, Karlie Rae


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