how I got in shape for our wedding

Now I am by zero means a fitness expert, certified in any type of training or do I have much knowledge besides from my own experience and personal research but…trying to get your wedding bod has got to be one of the most intimidating tasks of your life. Where do you even begin?! And how do you balance your attempt to hit the gym and eat clean when you’re a stress eater and most likely have some wedding-related stress causing you to sit in bed and eat an entire pint of ice cream? Well, these are some things that I did for myself to get in shape for my wedding! 

I did Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide. I’m sure most of you have seen all the hype about it on Instagram and have probably wondered how well it works, so let me tell you about how it went for me! First, I did only the workouts, not the meal plan, and they KICK YOUR BUTT. Now that I am done with them I will still randomly pull a workout out to do that day just because I know I’ll leave the gym feeling super accomplished. I didn’t achieve absolutely insane results such as some of their before/after’s, but I did notice a slimmer waistline and more defined tone from her workouts. I would recommend them to anyone looking to sweat a lot and switch up their routine! 

I focused on different muscle groups while working out. Once I was done with the BBG workouts talked about above, I got in a good routine of focusing on different muscle groups each time I worked out. I personally separated my days into biceps/triceps, shoulders/abs, legs/back, then cardio. I notice better results on myself from weight training than cardio so I was only warming up with cardio or going on run/treadmill just once a week. 

I cleaned up my eating! This was pretty crucial for me and took a lot of support from my family, friends, and Al, since they all know how much I enjoy food!! Benefits of this were I did it long enough to the point where now it is a habit and lifestyle. Hours were spent finding healthy recipes that were still enjoyable; burrito bowls were, and still are my fav – you can use countless ingredients to make them different each time and keep them super healthy! I eat fairly clean to this day for the most part, but throughout this whole time I need my cheats. I need to splurge on some of my favorite meals or ice cream on random nights, (you guys might be getting a glimpse into how much I love ice cream haha!), which I like to call balance. It is needed for me not to go crazy. Anyways, you can find some of my favorite healthier recipes on my Pinterest board “yumm” here

I drank lots of tea. I am a coffee girl so having a cup of tea is a big deal for me to do. Two teas that I loved were the Yogi Detox and the Yogi Green. They helped me to clear my system, fight cravings and hunger, and gave me energy when I was feeling the effects of cutting carbs or calories down. Plus they taste delicious! 

I bought new workout clothes. Sounds SO STRANGE, but whenever I buy some new workout tops, pants, or shoes, I suddenly feel so motivated to hit the gym. I’m not saying to spend hundreds of dollars or get all higher end brand name items, but do what works for you! There is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself a little during such a special time to stay inspired and motivated:)

I found people that helped me and kept me accountable. Whether that is a family member, a friend, a trainer, really anybody that knows your goals and is encouraged to help you achieve them!! Find someone to do your workouts with, go on walks or runs with, and/or cook dinners with. Quick shoutout to those people for me, Jordan and Kendal! Couldn’t have done it without you girls. <3 


Hopefully these little tips of mine can help you get motivated, no matter what stage in life you’re in or what’s happening. Comment or message me if you have any questions, I’m happy to help! xx, Karlie Rae


ps. I love Leo jumping in and making a guest appearance in my posts...but C'MON, always having to be the center of attention!! gotta love him though:)

ps. I love Leo jumping in and making a guest appearance in my posts…but C’MON, always having to be the center of attention!! gotta love him though:)

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