gray and simple, with ‘some things silver’

Not every day is a day to wear your statement looks; high pumps, printed moto jackets, detailed dresses and such. Most days are the days you whip out your basics and style them by simply wearing them in a way you hadn’t before; that way you are being an ‘outfit repeater’ but not. My favorite way to change up an outfit that I often wear is to add some staple jewelry pieces. That is exactly what was on my mind as I picked out these Something Silver accessories. I was thinking layering and items that I could I wear with ANYTHING, even just ripped jeans and a plain tee. 

Something Silver is a jewelry store founded in the Pacific Northwest, which makes me go heart eyes and hands in the hair being a Seattleite. They have four stores in Washington state, as well as a store in both Disneyland (downtown disney) and Disneyworld (disney springs). I am wearing two of the many designers that they carry. My necklaces being Anatoli, and my bracelets being the Indiri Collection. They have everything from your dainty pieces that aren’t too spendy, up to designer lines. I loved going through their store and picking out separate items to layer and give them my own touch. Who doesn’t love shopping for some new jewelry for the new, upcoming season?!  Use code ‘KARLIE’ at checkout for a discount on your order 🙂


Wishing you all the best Labor Day weekend! Enjoy it! xx, Karlie Rae

Topshop shirt (on sale for $10.99!!) 


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