What I Have Learned Having Long-Distance BFFs

One of my best friends flew back to Seattle this past weekend for just two days (and just to see me YAY), and it reminded me how lucky I am that even though my three besties and maids of honor live all over the globe – nothing has changed. So brings this post. 


 Life throws tons of curveballs at you; like wait…my best friends and I aren’t gonna be able to see each other daily, at any given second that I need a hug or a motivational speech or an excuse to grab brunch? AND we aren’t going to be living in the same city anymore, or even state? Never in my high school self’s wildest dreams did I imagine I’d ever have to live a day or second without them by my side. But that’s how life works; they meet their soulmates, they go off to build careers or attend school, or they are crazy little travel bugs who crave other countries and cultures. This is what happened to my best friends and I. 

What I have learned over the past years: 

Quality over Quantity: My friend group has probably cut in half, maybe even into a fourth of what it used to be. BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have a great friend circle, at home too, and these ladies being thousands of miles away still know my emotions, my struggles, my accomplishments, everything. 

You have a solid excuse to travel: I haven’t visited them as much as I’d like, mostly due to this crazy busy past year with the wedding and house. But I do plan on making my rounds!! We also went to Arizona last year to celebrate my birthday & they all flew in. They’re the best.

You need to have low-maintenance besties: Life gets crazy. You don’t always have time to send them a text or FaceTime them to let them know they are on your mind, even though they are. You need friends that don’t get angry when you haven’t had time to chat, that don’t get jealous of your other friends that are getting your time, that you can see months later and things are just the same. This is so important. 

Seeing each other becomes a special event; holiday-like: After what feels like lightyears of separation, when you finally get the chance to see each other, it’s a national holiday. You plan activities, you don’t go to work, you cancel all other plans, you have hours of catch up that has to be done. 



For all of you that have a long distance BFF or know it’s on the cusp of happening, there is hope! Take advantage of having someone to constantly be texting as if they are your boyfriend, and having a fun person to go visit. 🙂 Sending love your way today, xx Karlie Rae

Find my besties here: Brianna, Me, Heather, Raquel

Find my besties here: Brianna, Me, Heather, Raquel



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