How I Maintain My Blonde

As some of you may know, I work at a hair salon as my day-job, just part time. I have been with the same salon since March of 2014, and in these past few years, I have learned SO much! Plus, my hair on a health scale has probably gone from a 4 to a 7 (how healthy can a blonde be unless you’re Amber Fillerup Clark or Blake Lively right?) I still see that as great progress, *hand clapping emoji!!!*.

I’ve learned how important products are…and good products might I add. For health maintenance reasons, I ALWAYS use a heat protectant. My favorites right now being Oribe’s Balm D’Or and Bumble and Bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer. The Oribe product is a cream while the Bumble and Bumble is a spray so it really depends what you have found works for your hair best. They both do wonders and are definitely a must for every time your hair is wet.

For shampoo/conditioner, I always try to have some ‘purples’ on hand. I am currently using Oribe’s Bright Blonde shampoo and Bright Blonde conditioner. (I will often mix the conditioner with a different deep conditioner so I am getting the purple effect with the restorative and moisturizing properties of a good deep conditioner as well.) For you that don’t know what the point of ‘purple’ products are…basically in hair coloring, purple cancels out yellow and brassy tones. So for the blondies that want that more bright and cool color, the purple helps maintain and tone your hair in between appointments! I have golden tones naturally in my hair so it always gives off those tones but the purple really keeps it bright and fresh looking without it getting overly yellow. 

Now, what I do at the salon. My stylist, Kristy, does a partial balayage on me nearly every single time. Maybe a full balayage once a year or so. When she tones she uses Goldwell 10BS. If you don’t know what that is, it’s okay, just tell your stylist! I also go in about once a month just for the toner as I only balayage every couple of months. If you want a good “at home” toner, I have used Goldwell 10v. (You may have to get this from a salon as I couldn’t find it online). It’s a mousse that you let sit on your hair for 10 minutes or so that has that same purple pigment as the shampoo and conditioners. It is just a more long-term tone that you only have to do every couple of days/weeks depending on how brassy your blonde is.  

I linked all of these below as well as some of the other products I am using now or have used lately that I love; including moisturizing creams, dry shampoos, and deep conditioners! If you have any that you’re obsessing over or any fellow blonde tips, please share! Also, if you have been following along on my Instagram or Snapchat (karlieragan), you have probably seen that we are currently in the 95 degree heat in Arizona! #muchneeded. We have a fun weekend ahead including mostly going out to eat over and over again & on Sunday the Seahawks vs. Cardinals game so make sure to follow along! Hope you guys are all having a fabulous week!! xx Karlie Rae


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