Fall & Winter ’16 Trends You Need in Your Closet

This year’s colder months brought out tons of fun trends that definitely separate you from 2015 and into 2016-17 fashion…if you dare. I say that because in my opinion, this year’s trends are much bigger statements than ever before leaving many women still dressing in twenty fifteen style. Which is okay!! But, I do personally love the direction fashion is going, so here I am going to highlight a few of my favorite trends this year so you can conquer them too:

Embroidered Pieces. This is what I mean by fun!! Adding some embroidering to your standard jacket, boots, jeans, bags, gives any outfit an added flair that is anything but ‘normal’. Styling tip: wear with other neutral color tons to make the embroidered piece be the statement. Also, be bold and try embroidered shoes!!

Suede + Velvet. These textures seem very 90’s to me and are extremely popular at the moment so they are easy to find! Brands are making all things suede & velvet so no matter what article you are hunting for you are sure to find it. My favorites would be the jackets! Styling tip: wear with confidence!! Some of these trends, not everyone is the biggest fan of. But that is what fashion is about! Making it more about ‘style’ and using it to be different & define yourself.

Ankle Booties. If you follow me on Instagram, I am sure you already know my obsession with ankle booties. During the cold weather months I will pair them with nearly every single outfit. Styling tip: leave about an inch or two gap between your denim and booties. I have seen some looks where people are tucking their pants into the booties but I have not tried it out yet, I’ll update you guys on my trial runs!

Over the knee boots. I currently only own one pair of OTK boots- these, that I love! I am currently hunting for a nice heeled pair. Styling tip: wear with midi length dresses, or over your denim. It dresses up even the most simple dress and the most basic every day looks. 

Chokers. Again, another one that reminds me of the 90’s. At first I was drawn to chokers based on the simple velvet ones, but lately I have been loving what they’re are evolving to! I linked below some simple metal chokers as well as layered ones that have multiple lengths. Styling tip: try to layer a choker over a turtle neck sweater!

Reverse Layering. In the images below you can see that I tried to add photos that showed the reverse layering with slip dresses. You can also get the same effect with the right tank top! Styling tip: take your summer dresses and put over the top of a t-shirt or thin turtle neck. 

Blush Pink. Okay…time to rant about my favorite. I have been absolutely in love with blush pink everything. It has become a neutral color this season, and one that I really hope sticks around. Styling tip: wear it with light grey tones. Something about that color palette together speaks feminine, yet you can style the colors however you want, even adding edgy vibes.

Lace Up. Now, when I say lace up, I truly mean everything. Swim suits, dresses, tank tops, booties, and now even sweaters!! Styling tip: loosen up your lace up sweater to wear it in an ‘over-one-shoulder’ way. 


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you guys have a great weekend up ahead! Xx Karlie Rae


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