Holiday Gift Guide For Your Bestie

Shopping for your best friend (or sister) is sometimes one of the most hard tasks of the holiday season. You can’t afford to spend a fortune, although they deserve the world, and you want to pick something out that screams their name. I know how it is to want to buy each person in your life something special, which brought me to creating this holiday gift guide for your bestie! 

Last year I got one of my BFF’s this Alex and Ani bracelet set, and this is the perfect gift for your wanderlust travel bug. Also, who doesn’t love some brand new cozy holiday socks?! I also about died when I came across this, and can name a few ladies who it would be perfect for!

I have been feeling relatively good and on top of my shopping this year; there are still a couple people on my list, but this has definitely been my best year yet! Now I am off to get my hair done so it is nice & bright for all the upcoming festivities! (I see Kristy at the Stan Parente Salon in Maple Valley, WA for all of you who ask!) Hope you are all having a wonderful week! Xx Karlie Rae 

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