30 Sweaters Under $100

Ever get into a phase where you are obsessed with a certain article of clothing and that is all you buy…and you binge buy it? That is how I am with sweaters at the moment. It might have something to do with the fact that it’s been snowing in Seattle for the past week and is 30 something degrees. Not my favorite weather, BUT I have been hunting online sites seeking out sweaters to stock up on since there is still a lot more chilly days coming my way! 

Today I found 30 sweaters, all under $100, to share with you guys and help with your personal sweater hunting! I have bought myself about 3-4 of these already so I’m sure you will see these in a lot of upcoming blog posts or OOTD’s. One of my favorite things about this year’s sweater trends is all the fun detailing! Designers are adding fringe, bell sleeves, ruffles, v-necklines,  and a ton of other fun detailing to help you not be wearing the exact same sweater in a different color, every single day. The one pictured above is below or can also be found here along with my scarf and bag!! 

Happy hunting, and Happy Monday! xx, Karlie Rae


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