Holiday Gift Guide For Stocking Stuffers

There are only 11 more days until Christmas!! Can you even believe it?! I know in an earlier post I mentioned how happy I was to be on top of my holiday shopping…but it has hit me that I still have about 7 people still on my list to shop for and it is crunch time!! 

Growing up, stockings were always my favorite part about Christmas morning and I can honestly say that they still are. (That and a little festive mimosa of course). Getting new beauty products, fuzzy socks, and other goodies is so much fun to open and it is also such a joy stuffing a stocking for someone else!! Or even yourself, if your parents no longer do it for you, and you do your man a favor by stuffing your own 🙂 I created this gift guide to give you guys a little stuffing inspo; and many of these would make great gifts alone, not necessarily in a stocking as well! This hand cream is my new favorite, I even bought a couple as gifts this year too! New lip colors are always a must and something every girl loves receiving! I included sets of both colored glosses, and sticks. Good beauty products you can never go wrong with, so I included my new favorite eye cream. And cookbooks are a perfect addition to any kitchen and also would be great for your new home/apartment owner, or your newlywed couple! Every single item on this guide, I hand-picked and know it would make the perfect gift or stuffer for any of the ladies in your life 🙂 Make sure to check out all my other gift guides on my shop page here!

I am also hunting for a fun Christmas tradition to start between Alec and I, something unique that we will do every year! If you guys have any traditions in mind, send your ideas my way! If (when) I find something, I’ll be sure to share it with you all to give you a fun idea too! Happy Wednesday! xx, Karlie Rae

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