Boutique Spotlight: Peridot Boutique

Happy Monday! Something I have always loved about blogging is building relationships with not only big brands and companies, but also smaller lines and boutiques. This love of mine has brought me to start a new Boutique Spotlight series (or brand spotlight, depending on what I am sharing that day!)

I am so excited to share Peridot Boutique with you guys today for my first ever spotlight! They are a local Seattle store in upper Queen Anne carrying everything from your everyday wear, to your dresses/jumpers, to your handbags, shoes and accessories! Most of their inventory is privately Peridot labelled but they also carry some known brands such as J.O.A. (which is this dress I am wearing) and ASTR The Label.

I thought this dress was perfect for this time of the year with all the holiday festivities, and it also would be adorable at whatever New Years Eve event you are attending! I love the neck tie detail! This clutch also comes in every color your heart desires and has a BUILT IN PHONE CHARGER!! Sold. Next time you are in Seattle, you will need to drop in and check out their shop. The ladies are also the sweetest, which is a plus and is always something that keeps me coming back to a store 🙂 

Today, I am home sick…this is the first year I have gotten sick multiple times and this bug I cannot seem to shake! I have coated myself in essential oils, have some diffusing at this very moment, and am making some ginger lemon tea with my french press trying to shake this off in time for Christmas this weekend! I hope you guys are staying warm and healthy this week! xx, Karlie 

You can find their store at:

2135A Queen Anne Ave N

Seattle, WA

Thank you Peridot Boutique for sponsoring this post! xx 


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  1. Carla Barrans
    December 20, 2016 / 6:24 am

    Sooo adorable!!!

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