Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

I get way too excited when my favorite stores have their big sales. And Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale happening right after Christmas?? I think we all deserve to treat ourselves after that holiday season. 

We still have a couple months of colder weather ahead so I am still seeking out essentials like this sweater and some booties like these or these. I also loved this scarf, and think that some of the colors it comes in could even transition into early spring! It is now the time of the year (hello new year) where people start to reset their fitness goals. And what better way to get re-motivated than to get some new workout attire?! I love the statement of these leggings and everybody needs a half-zip like this

Entering the new year with some fresh pieces in your wardrobe will have you feeling refreshed, motivated, and inspired to set some goals & look good achieving them 🙂 Happy hunting! xx, Karlie


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