My Personal 2017 Resolutions

I know January has already begun so I am a little late to the resolution game, but it always takes me time to think about how I want to spend the next year. Many people get annoyed that people use the new year as an ‘excuse’ to set goals or get ‘fit’, and say that they should have that motivation on their own. Or be setting goals all year-round instead of just at the beginning of each one. I think the total opposite. Sometimes it takes something big, like a new year beginning, to sit back, reflect, dream, and reminisce on the last year. Then imagine what you can make out of the next. Every day is a day for a fresh start, but there is something magical about January 1st and the way it causes you to reset, get motivated, and decide the person you want to strive to be. 

Now for me, 2016 is going to be forever one of the best years of my entire life. I started off the year engaged with a brand new puppy, bought a house on the lake with my fiancé to gut and make our own, had a kickass (excuse my language) bachelorette party as well as three bridal showers (I know, crazy), married my best friend, went to Bora Bora, attended our favorite music festival, went on a girl’s trip, had our first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs., and had SO many laughs and memories made in between. This past year was unreal, and will always be one of my most favorites. Naturally I am sad to say goodbye, but crazy excited about 2017 and the years to come. We will start 2017 by hopefully moving into our house within the next two weeks or so, then hopefully have a couple fun vacations, and many more days starting our lives together and spending lots of time with our family and friends. 

This year, I did a lot of soul searching for my resolutions and made a TON. I’ll share with you guys just a few:

Wake up earlier – I feel so much more motivated and refreshed when I wake up a little earlier in the day. I get more done and feel that my stress levels decrease since I have that extra time. Also, now that I’m married and have a hard-working hubby, it’s nice to wake up around the same time as him and get to enjoy a morning cup of coffee and chat a little before he jets off and starts his day. 

Read my Bible – For Christmas, Al got me a new bible with my new married name engraved on the front and I want to dig into it at some point each day. It’s so important to feel connected & is truly a life changing habit. I also recently bought a new devotional that has been the biggest help keeping me on track.

Quit the Gossip – Now, I am not the world’s biggest gossiper or anything, but everybody gets sucked into gossip and I feel like we expect it to make us feel better about ourselves. I’m here to be honest, and not giving into these conversations is something that always makes me feel better and bringing that mindset into the new year is something I definitely intend to do. We need to lift each other up people!!

Continue to Be Healthy – For the most part, I have developed some good healthy habits. Like working out at least 3 days a week, making better food decisions, and watching the snack food. I’m not really looking for any crazy fitness goals, I just want to keep the balance. Stay in my workout class regularly, treat myself when I feel like it, and reach for an apple with almond butter instead of some ice cream every once in a while! 

Grow my Business – 2017 is marking a whole new year of motivation for me. I have some really exciting things coming and I’m hoping to keep dreamin’ and achievin’. 

Work on my Skincare – this is the year I hope to stop this adult acne craziness!! What is up with that! I’m hoping to find new products and routines to help me get my skin nice and even & acne freeeee!

Give Back – For a while now, Al and I have really wanted to find a type of ‘give back’ project. Whether it is help a family or person in need, do some volunteer work for an organization, or a project of our own, it is something that weighs extremely heavy on our hearts. We are always brainstorming and throwing ideas around, but now we just need to pull the trigger and make it happen. This was our resolution together as a couple, it’s important to have those kind too 🙂

Cook More, Eat Out Less – Al and I are the king and queen of eating out. We love picking up teriyaki, going on date nights, getting thai food, you name it. When we move into our new home, my goal is to only eat out (for dinner) once a week! Lunch is a different story since you are usually on the go, but I do hope to prep lunches most days as well!


These are a bit on the random side, but I have loved reading other people’s resolutions this year so I thought I would share a few of mine with you! I hope your new year is going great so far! Talk soon! xx, Karlie



  1. Heather
    January 7, 2017 / 1:16 am

    Loved these 🖤

    • Karlie Rae Lang
      January 7, 2017 / 6:11 pm

      Thank you darling xx 🙂

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