Workout Gear Under $100 To Wear In And Out Of The Gym

As you can tell by my daily attire or my picks on my shop page, it is no secret that I LOVE workout attire. It is what I live in most days. My favorite thing about shopping for new athletic gear is finding unique, fun pieces. It is essential to have your workout basics to easily throw on or to go with some of your more statement articles of clothing, but I love all the mesh, cutouts, and lace up detailing of some of the more bold tops, leggings, and sports bras. 

Today, I put together for you guys a list of workout gear all under $100 that you can wear in and out of the gym. I included both your essentials/basics, and your fun pieces too! Hope you enjoy and this can motivate you guys to kick some of your fitness-based resolutions’ booties!! Nothing motivates you to get in the gym more than some new cute workout clothes!! Xx, Karlie

Here is a ‘pinable’ image you can save on Pinterest to remind you to shop later!

Leggings | Sneakers


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