My Favorite Fashion Bloggers and Why You Need To Follow Them

There are a lot of ways to get inspiration nowadays, whether you are a blogger yourself, or just love social media, keeping up with people, reading tips and tricks, or getting a glimpse into people’s lives; inspiration is everywhere. Something I have come to know about myself, is I am a people person. I love meeting new people, learning about why people are the way they are, finding similarities and differences, and I also love following people. Maybe that came off a little creepy, (sorry), but here is what I mean. I follow about 540 people on Instagram, I bet I have actually MET about 2/3 of them, but I feel like I personally know probably 500 of the 540. And I bet a lot of the ones I haven’t met could say they feel like they know me too! That is the beauty and power of social media and blogging and one of the many reasons I love it so much.  

Over the past two years of blogging, I have made a ton of friends with smaller bloggers such as myself, and let me tell you, it is like having a friend circle of hundreds of ladies who are SO much like you. Every time you see them post you have to comment at least “love!”, if not “omg I’m obsessed with you” or “you are perfect” or “fire” because you just feel them on so many levels and can’t help but share the love. And although I do get a crazy amount of inspiration from them, I owe it all to my all time favorite bloggers who inspired me to even start my blog in the first place. Here is who they are & why I love each of them: (The crazy fan girl love since I have never met them but will die someday when I do obvi. Someday…)

Amber Fillerup Clark – If you are not following her, you need to. It will be life changing. I have been following Amber since she took ‘ootd’ pics infront of her garage, and now she is traveling the world with her family that is the most family goals I have ever laid eyes on!! Alec says I’m obsessed. But really, I just love her. She is classy, beautiful, a great mama, and so much fun to follow. You really start to feel like you know her the way I obviously do!! She also recently launched her own hair extension line, Barefoot Blonde Hair which is amazing and totally perfect for her! You will understand once you see her perfect locks 😍


Sazan Hendrix – If you love people with amazing personalities, you will love Sazan. Her and her husband legit crack me up constantly. I could sit and watch their youtube videos or Insta-stories for days. She is perfect to follow because she really gives her followers a little bit of everything! She does fashion, beauty, recipes, relationship talk, giveaways, and even now has her own subscription box, Bless Box, that you can sign up for to get her ‘monthly favorites’ straight to your doorstep. You never get bored following her because she is always bringing something new and is just a gem. I also was at the same yacht party as her at NYFW in 2015 & am still kicking myself that I didn’t walk on up and become besties!! 


Danielle of We Wore What – I love following Danielle because she is my daily fix of more ‘high fashion’ posts. She has a totally unique style, and always inspires me to step out of my comfort zone. She is also a girl boss who started her own clothing line, Second Skin Overalls. Definitely give her a follow if you are looking for a glimpse into the fashion life of NYC! 


Negin Mirsalehi – Now this girl is a total babe & a globe trotter. She is unbelievably fun to follow because every photo she ever posts is absolutely flawless, and it seems like her life is always on the go! She has that “where does she even actually live” life, because she is always adventuring around! Dream! 


Christine Andrew – Last one I’m going to touch on is Christine of Hello Fashion Blog. I have been following her for years, way before I ever thought of blogging myself. She has the total ‘family’ element to her blog, which I love. She also does a lot of lifestyle posts in between the fashion ones! Her style is totally relatable to a big variety of ages, which is so awesome because I have shopped on her blog for both my mom and myself! She does such a good job at showcasing things you actually want to buy and put in your closet! She also started her own clothing line, ILY Couture that I have ordered plenty from! (You need to check that out too!!) 


Now these five are only a FEW of the many woman who inspire me daily!! But they are all unique and add so much to the blogging community! I am also going to do another post soon(ish) showing you guys some of my favorite small to medium bloggers who you may not know of, but are truly so much fun to follow! Who are your favorite people to follow on Instagram?! I am always going follow-crazy and love filling up my daily feed with fun individuals to inspire me and allow me to creep on what they are doing all the time! Xx, Karlie


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