A Little Valentine’s Day Inspiration

January is starting to come to an end & you know what that means!! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and will be here before we know it! The past couple of years, Alec and I have done “at home” Valentine’s Day dinners and I love them. There is something so intimate about spending a romantic night making a nicer dinner than you usually would in the comfort of your home (well his home that past couple years). Last year we did a fondue night with both cheese and chocolate. I also bought some fun Valentine’s Day home decor that I put around his kitchen. It was a fun evening full of yummy food and movies. It’s the simple things am I right? This year, I am assuming we will most likely do something similar. When Valentine’s Day hits, we will still be in the first month of living in our new home, so I can’t see us wanting to spend it any other way. (Unless he ends up planning something else, but that’s my plan for now haha). Follow my ‘Valentine’s Day‘ board on Pinterest, I’ll be pinning lots of at home V Day decor/food/diy’s in the upcoming weeks!! 

A lot of people out there are Valentine’s Day haters, but I love a day dedicated to love! It’s a good thing to have a day, once a year, all about letting the people you love, know you love them. And it is also a perfect excuse for a night out or night in date night. I definitely like the excuse to get your significant other a little something on Valentine’s Day, celebrating “Galentine’s” Day getting your bestie a treat, and also spoiling yourself a little. Below is a little inspiration for you for the upcoming holiday. Whether you give some ideas to your man, buy a gift for a friend, or get something for yourself. If I were buying for myself, I would get these pj’s no doubt, and I know a couple people who would die over getting this!! It’s a fun holiday that we shouldn’t ignore!! 

Have a great Friday & weekend everyone!! Xx, Karlie

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