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Hey guys!! Here is my post all about hair extensions that I promised you when I was getting my hair done a couple weeks ago! 

I have had hair extensions as long as I can remember. Honestly even before I started having the more permanent ones, I had clip ins since I was 15! I was not blessed with long, thick hair but have always LOVED the look of it. So instead of just complaining and being sad, I have always fixed the problem! I asked you guys to send me your questions and got a bunch so I will answer them all here 🙂 

>What type of hair extensions do I have? I have tape-in extensions. How they work is they are each about a 1-2 inch weft, with one side that is tape. You take two extension wefts and tape them together with your hair in the middle. It is kind of hard to explain but super easy! The hair itself lasts you for months!! Truly depending on how good you take care of it. Every 6-8 weeks you go back into the salon for a move up. Since they are connected to your actual hair and not your scalp, they grow out with your hair so as your hair grows out, so do they! Your stylist will take them out one by one and simple reinstall them, close to your scalp again! 

>What brand is the hair I use? I have used two different brands of hair, PerfecTress and Hot Heads. They are fairly similar but here are the differences I have noticed. First, they both come in TONS of colors, but I have found that for blondes, Hot Heads carries more warm, golden blonde tones where PerfecTress carries some more cool and ashy blondes. So the first deciding factor is finding a color that matches your hair well! Next, I have found that Hot Heads are more thick than PerfecTress. I love that about Hot Heads! With that said, I only like having Hot Heads in when I have a more medium hair length. I had some Hot Heads in during my engagement/wedding time and they were very long and got tangled SO easily!! So I would definitely recommend them for that cute trendy length, but if you are wanting a longer look, just take note. I currently have all PerfecTress in my hair right now! They are 18″ and we kept them long, the only reason we cut them was for blending purposes! 

>What color are my extensions? Like I said above, I currently have 18″ PerfecTress hair in and have a mixture of 612 and 617! I took my blonde more cool toned and bright this time when we balayaged so the 617 keep the ends bright and ashy, while the 612 have a slight golden hue to keep it neutral and matching my hair since I still do have subtle golden tones! 

>How much do they cost? I am not exaggerating when I say that give a cost estimate is the HARDEST THING EVER! I really would recommend going in for a consultation since it really depends how thick your natural hair is and how long you are wanting to go! Definitely expect at least $300-$400 but it does go up. 

>How do I care for them? There are a couple of rules when it comes to extension care, and a couple of things I do myself to make sure my hair lasts me as long as possible. First, when shampooing, only shampoo your scalp, don’t massage into mids and ends. Just let the shampoo run through your hair when you are rinsing! Next, when conditioning, only condition the mids and ends, not your scalp. Conditioning your scalp where the tape is could cause the extensions to fall out. I also use a deep conditioner on my hair at least once a week! Even if I don’t have time to let it sit on for 20+ minutes, I will use it in replacement to my normal conditioner. Another thing I do is sleep with my hair either tied back in a scrunchie or back in a braid. This really helps keep my hair in good condition since it isn’t tangling while I sleep! Being in this habit has made my hair last so much longer! Like I said before, go in every 6-8 weeks for a move up, and also do not wash your hair or get it wet within 24 hours of getting your extensions in or a move up!

>Where do I get them done? As most of you know, I live in the greater Seattle area. I go to the Stan Parente Salon in Maple Valley where I see Kristy! She does both my extensions and my color!! Lauren McGraw also does my extensions for me and also did my WEDDING HAIR along with some of my bridesmaids too!


I kinda answered a bunch of questions within the main questions, so if you don’t see your question in bold, read the paragraphs where I hopefully answered them all! Again, I love having hair extensions and think they are one of my best investments – beauty wise! Feel free to send any more questions you have over and I will be happy to answer + add them to this post! 

Thanks for reading! 




  1. Shannon Bouknight
    November 27, 2017 / 6:47 am

    Hi! What kind of brush and shampoo/conditioner did you use for your hair extensions? Thank you!

    • Karlie Rae
      November 28, 2017 / 7:52 pm

      Hi Shannon!

      I use a wet brush which is 100% recommend!! It’s the only brush I will use!

      For shampoo and conditioner, I use wella 🙂 Their essentials shampoo and brilliance deep conditioner!

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