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YOU GUYS! Before I dive into this post, I just have to flippin’ say THANK YOU for all the love, support, and ORDERS from you guys with my new online store, Shop KarlieRae. We launched yesterday, and I cannot believe all the kind messages I got, and all the orders that came in!! We sold out of four items in just one day, and have several items that only have 1-2 left! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that launch day would go as well as it did! On my side of things I had a lot of nervous sweating and shipping probs. (All you who placed orders first got DEALS on your shipping since I miscalculated everything and was charging for a letter instead of package…WHOOPS. Total Karlie Move). But you live and you learn and I am just so happy!! 

K next topic – SPRING! Warmer weather is finally right around the corner and I could not be more excited to start filling up my spring wardrobe with some fun, lighter and brighter pieces. Living in Seattle, early spring is still pretty chilly so I love finding tops/sweaters that are more light and playful than my winter tops – wearing them with jeans to stay warm, but bringing back in the spring spirit with my choice in shoes! All of that is exactly what I did with this look. These sneakers I featured recently in an Instagram post and they were a huge favorite; for my followers and for myself. I have been wearing them any ‘nice’ day we get it seems, and the best thing about them? They are only $40. The blush color gives a nice statement to any outfit you wear them with and screams SPRING! Plus, blush is a neutral now so it’s never too obnoxious. I even think these would be darling to wear with a casual dress! I can already tell that my warm weather wardrobe will consist of blush, whites, and grays. I can just see it. This sweater is also from my store and we only have ONE LEFT!! It’s in the small/medium size so grab it before someone else does!

I hope you are all having a fun St. Patricks Day weekend!! Thanks again for everything guys, I am forever grateful! 

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