Shoes For Spring

Esparalles | Similar Fringe Heeled Sandals | Pink Sneakers | Tie Up Heeled Sandals | Pink Heels

This post should be titled ‘Shoes For Spring (and Summer)’ because you and I both will be wearing these beauties for the next couple months until it turns chilly again & we can’t. But we won’t talk about that, I want to pretend it’s gonna be sunny forever. 

Now, if I am being honest, I can’t say that I’ve been a ‘shoe girl’ forever. I actually was one of those girls who had a pair or two of boots that I’d wear all the time, one pair of workout shoes, one pair of cute flat sandals, and Old Navy flip flops in every color. And that was my whole collection. But over the past couple years I have grown to LOVE building up my shoe wardrobe. Shoes really put the final touch on your outfit, and if you are feeling lazy and want to wear a super simple outfit – jazz it up with your shoes. 

When buying warm weather shoes, I tend to lean towards lighter colors – your nudes, pinks, whites/creams, and browns. You’ll most likely be wearing lots of lighter and brighter colors, so you of course want to buy shoes that will match what you already own! Below I put my favorite shoes out this season; ones that I’ve already gotten and ones I have my eye on. Hope you find some new favorites for yourself! 



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