Why I Dislike When People Say “I Can’t Pull That Off”

Bomber | Tie Tee | Denim | Similar Handbag | Mules | Watch

Today’s post is a little different but it’s a topic that get’s brought up to me ALL THE TIME. Being a blogger and living in a ‘smaller town’, you always feel this pressure to live up to the blogger persona. Which is fun because I love dressing up and I feel like it always gives me the excuse to put together fun outfits for the day, but at the same time it does put some pressure on me! What I have learned the past two years, is that your personal style is a way of self expression. A comment that I get anytime I’m wearing something a little more bold, is “I love that but I couldn’t rock it” or “I wish I could pull that off”. The problem with these comments is they are so FALSE. Society has molded our minds to make us believe that we have to dress similar to the girl next door or similar to your coworkers or family members; but the beauty of your own personal style, is you don’t. You like that statement shirt, buy it and wear it! It now becomes part of how you define yourself. And you think people will judge you, but they won’t – they will respect you and be inspired by you. I love getting to know people and a huge way is observing their style! It’s so fun and there isn’t anything  quite as beautiful as coming across someone who has such an identifying personal style! So I would like to encourage you all to instead of being the person making those comments, be the one the comments are being made to – then inspire them to do the same. Fashion should be fun and unique!

Now onto this look – this embroidered bomber is my new favorite and it is SO affordable. I love that it has both black and white in the detailing so you can wear it with either, or both like I did! The color tones also make it multi seasonal so you can wear it this spring & summer and then not have to put it away when it gets cold because the colors work in the fall & winter too. I wore my store’s tie tee underneath because I love the layering with the knot detail! Last, if you haven’t noticed a huge trend at the moment, it’s mules and slides. These shoes remind me of the 90’s and they have made a huge comeback! (See them in gray here). I will definitely be purchasing more in the next couple of months. (Check out my Spring Shoes post where I included some!) I love this look because it is unique, but also something I would wear everyday. 

Happy Thursday!



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  1. April 6, 2017 / 7:46 pm

    True dat sista! I recently stopped blogging but did run a blog for 5+ years and people would say that too me all the time whether influenced by size or boldness of the item, I got that comment a lot and I was always like–well you can and you should if you want to! You look great! And thanks for this fun topic!

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