Happy May Day – Setting Spring Goals

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(Diary-like post) Happy May Day guys!! It seems like every single time a new month starts I think to myself – dang this year is flying by!! Those are my thoughts yet again this morning.

I love May because this is the month when it finally feels like spring, and even more so feels like summer is coming. I am (sadly) the type of person who hibernates all winter long and is not very motivated…so this month starts the time to set new goals, re-motivate myself, and kick some (excuse my language) a$$. In case you guys haven’t heard, in Seattle we have had the worst, longest, most miserable winter EVER. I seriously cannot remember the last year that our winter was this bad. That said, my motivation was similar. To get myself back in action, I’ve decided to make a ‘May Goals’ list & thought I would share it with you in hopes that it might inspire you guys to make one for yourself! 


  • Go through closet – goodwill + sell on Poshmark (follow my Poshmark here to see what I’m selling! I’m hoping to start going through things today!) I think everybody needs to do this at the start of every season. I used to be the biggest clothing hoarder, I always would think to myself ‘well what if there comes a day I want to wear this’. And what I have learned is you won’t wear it. Sell it or toss it! Plus it makes room for / gives you an excuse to get some new clothes. 
  • Create a ‘command center’ on our pantry wall. If you don’t know what a command center is, you have probably seen it on Pinterest, at a friend’s house, or have it at yours and just didn’t know the term for it. I just learned there was a term! Anyways, it’s those almost collage-like walls that have your calendar, to-do list, menu for the week, slot for mail, grocery list, etc. You can really add whatever you want or think you would use! But I have been feeling so overwhelmed with our schedules lately and feeling like I’m unorganized and going to end up committing to multiple things on the same days – so I need this. I pinned a couple inspo ideas on my pinterest under the ‘pantry’ board! See here. Most of the ‘printable’ ideas for our command center are on my ‘office’ board here!
  • Do some landscaping. Al and I moved into our home in February and the inside does feel so homey to us, we love it. But the minute we walk outside, we can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed. Our property has never been landscaped before, we took over 30 HUGE trees down, so needless to say it’s kind of a mess. I don’t want to do any super extravagant landscaping, but I would like to clean it up a bit so it just looks fresh! Maybe even put some grass in the backyard since we live on a lake, and I have this vision in my head of being outside every day this summer playing ladder ball and corn hole – so grass would be nice. 
  • Go through bathroom – products/tools/jewelry/etc. When we moved we kind of just took everything with us, and we have SO many products that we don’t use since we have our daily ones we love, and I would love to toss ones I know we won’t use, then get the rest all organized! Our bathroom consists of giant drawers instead of cabinets, so I am seeking out drawer organization tips!! 
  • Read a book. Back in high school I used to love to read. Mostly Nicholas Sparks, but still!! I would love to dive into a new book and instead of spending my down time scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest or watching Keeping up with the Kardashians, read! If you have any recommendations, let me know! I have a couple ideas but I’m hoping I can make this a monthly goal. 
  • Start our office. We have a room in our house that is supposed to be our ‘office’ but has been acting more like a storage room. We have started to round up some office inspo, and I would like to at least get it started! It will probably take us a little while to get it to how we want it, but a start is a good step! Also check out my ‘office’ board on Pinterest, here, to see some of our ideas! 

Well there ya have it! That’s my list for May and hopefully it makes you guys want to make a list for yourself too! I am going to write these down for myself and put them somewhere where I will see them daily to make myself stick to them! Kick booty this month babes!! 



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  1. May 2, 2017 / 9:49 am

    You look so cute, girl. 🙂 X

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