10 Doormats I Love

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Having a cute doormat is a must whether you are living in a house, apartment, townhouse, parent’s basement – whatever. It is the first impression as far as your home decor goes. Our little remodel has two ‘front doors’ (it’s kind of confusing since the house sits diagonal on our property so that it is even with the lake), and for whatever reason the builder put two visible doors from the front so I got two doormats so no matter what door you walk up to, you get that first impression! I got us the ‘Come in + Cozy Up‘ and the ‘Well Hello There‘ mats and love them both. As they wear down I will probably keep buying them over and over again to replace them because I love them that much!! And they are also super reasonably priced! Below I listed my top 10 favorite doormats – hopefully you can find one that fits you!! 

Last night, Al and I hosted a little spur of the moment Cinco de Mayo dinner with a couple of our good friends and had such a great night. (I made this chicken in the crockpot and my cousin Jordan brought all the taco toppings so it was super easy and turned out so yummy! I definitely recommend this chicken for your next taco night!) Anyways, having a couple of our friends over made me so excited for this summer and all the nights we will get to entertain! I’ve always been someone who loves hosting and entertaining so I’ll have to share some of our upcoming parties with you guys on here! I’m definitely thinking a themed house warming party hopefully sooner than later, but definitely waiting until the sun comes out a little more! 

I hope you guys all are having a great weekend so far!! Happy Saturday!



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