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Happy Monday! Recently, it came to Al and I’s realization that we have 7, (maybe even 8), weddings that we are attending between May and October this year!! Personally, I love weddings so I am looking forward to all the events of LOVE coming our way! We’ve only been to one wedding (I think) since we got married last June, and there’s something about being married that makes weddings just that more romantic! With that many coming my way, I will probably do several ‘wedding guest attire’ posts to give you guys inspo for any upcoming ones in your life. 

My favorite ‘wedding guest’ colors this year would have to be blush & yellow. I’ve been on the hunt for some dresses and my eyes have totally been drawn to these colors!! I also love floral patterns and think floral print is perfect to wear to a wedding as well. Obviously stay clear of wearing white, and in my personal opinion…I would stay clear of wearing a nude toned dress as well. I feel like wedding trends have changed and lots of bride’s dresses, especially ‘reception’ dresses, are nude or a combination of white and nude! So I would just avoid anything nude, cream, or taupe. Personal opinion! 

Another topic that I get asked a lot about is rompers and ladies wondering if it’s okay to wear a romper to a wedding. I would say yes! Before choosing a romper, I would take a couple of things into consideration – the style of the couple, the venue of their wedding, how ‘fancy’ the vibe was of their save the dates and invites, those types of things. Some weddings are more formal, but I’ve seen tons of stunning, more formal rompers! Lots of guests at Al & I’s wedding wore rompers, some a tad more casual and some more dressy and I loved them all! As a bride, it did not bother me one bit! (Our wedding was dressy, but not formal). Oh, another ‘dress’ option is a matching set! I love them and had guests at my wedding wearing skirt and top matching sets that were adorable!! 

Last, your options if you don’t want to wear a dress or a romper. Not too girly and wearing dresses/rompers isn’t you? No biggie. I probably wouldn’t wear shorts, even dressy ones. But there are a lot of adorable pant styles out right now!! If it were me, I would choose some patterned, more structured, looser pants with a fun/dressy top; probably tucked in. Even a pant jumpsuit! I’ll link some cute examples below so you guys understand what I mean! 

I am so happy & excited that wedding season is finally here! Cheers to love! 



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