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Being healthy and fit has definitely become more important to me in the past couple of years. Sometimes I think back to my high school self, (the girl who lived off of pasta, nachos, ice cream & Taco Bell), and I’m like HOW DID I LIVE LIKE THAT. My younger self’s metabolism is to thank. But we all know you can’t bank on your metabolism forever – it goes downhill fast. 

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you might remember my post about a year back being vulnerable about self image & things that I have struggled with. (If you are curious, you can read here). It’s been a 3+ year road getting to where I am now, but I’m very thankful for my individual journey, what it’s taught me, and know that I will keep getting better. I won’t dive into my past because you can read about it above, but being able to say that I live a life of balance now is such a blessing and something I am truthfully so proud of. 

I get lots of emails & direct messages asking if I will highlight on my blog a little more about my lifestyle, (health and fitness wise), so I thought I would dedicate a post that kind of sums up where I am currently.  

Fitness – as far as my fitness routine, it’s pretty black & white. I am a member at my local Orange Theory Fitness studio, and it has been a life changer. I truly owe so much of my healthy lifestyle to that place and the people there!! If you’ve never heard of Orange Theory, I did a whole post on it HERE. It keeps me motivated & on track – every single week. I usually go there 3-4 times a week, sometimes 5. Recently, I added Soul Cycle into my routine to get some more cardio in and I have fallen in love with it! I try to attend Soul Cycle once a week & would go A LOT more if it wasn’t a 40 minute drive. Well worth the drive once a week though! It’s great to switch up your routine & throw your body off! I’m also not used to doing 45-60 minutes of straight cardio so this has really challenged myself. As far as a normal gym or at home workouts go…I’m not gonna lie and say I do them. My classes are what motivate me & get me to push myself so anytime I want to excersise I attend one. I do love going on runs, especially now that it’s getting sunny! I’ll usually run at least 1.5 – 2 miles each time; max usually 4! And I also love walking my dog, Leo, of course. I think incorporating BOTH strength and cardio is so key!! You really can’t get the results you want with only one method – that is one thing I have learned! I have also learned to not be afraid of going a little heavier with my weights! I started to see more results once I stopped only picking up the weights I was comfortable with. You won’t bulk by going a little heavier, you’ll tone and sculpt! My advice: find a class! Find a workout studio near you that you connect with. Make friends there who will keep you accountable! Nothing is more motivating than a class setting, and it pushes you to go the whole time rather than stopping when you are tired. It will change your life, promise. I cannot even express how much it has changed mine. 

Health – this is the hard stuff.  Getting my butt into the gym is usually pretty easy – it has been changing my eating habits over the years that’s the challenge. First, I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. I also love all things carbs + cheese. All of these loves of mine have been something I’ve fought over the years, and something I have finally found balance with. Honestly, I am not some crazy healthy / constant dieting chick, I live with balance. This has helped me change my mindset and lose those feelings of guilt whenever I splurge. Every single day I make sure to have a healthy breakfast & lunch. This usually consists of proteins, healthy carbs, & veggies when I’m lucky. I’ve been asked a lot highlight what I eat more so I’ll try to give you guys a rough idea! For breakfast, I’m going through a huge egg stage. I love making egg scrambles & they are so easy to sneak veggies into!! I will add spinach, onion, zucchini, broccoli, peppers; whatever I feel like that day! I usually either do no cheese, or a light feta if I’m really craving it! Another thing I love adding to my egg scrambles is natural chicken sausage. My local grocery store has some natural brands and fun flavors!! My faves right now are chicken-apple & red pepper-garlic chicken sausage! For lunch, I will usually do a salad, a nourish bowl (my local Safeway has them in the vegetarian section & they are sooo delicious for lunch!!), or a bowl with brown rice (or quinoa), black beans, tomato, onion, and avocado! These are my go-to lunches, but if I didn’t have eggs for breakfast then I’ll make eggs for lunch! Now for dinner, it’s a little challenging because Al doesn’t always want healthy/light dinners. (He’s a guy, duh). So I have to get creative sometimes! I love finding recipes on Pinterest, follow my “yumm” board HERE where a lot of the recipes I’ve made or want to make are! Most commonly, I’ll make some type of protein & veggie for the two of us, then throw in a carb like some pasta, potatoes, or bread for Al! Some nights I do make us completely separate meals but that’s a lot of work to do πŸ˜… If I’m being completely honest, usually throughout the week if I’m gonna have cheat meals, they are gonna be dinner. Dinner is just so enjoyable and I’m usually pretty hungry by dinner if I’ve had lighter meals during the day! Night time is also when I usually dive into snacks and dessert…and the time of day when my self control is lacking. In the past, I used to beat myself over this. I would do so good all day & then lose control at night time. But now, I’ve kinda accepted that that’s how I am. (And I have cut it down a bit). I workout really hard and always try to make at least 80% of my days clean and healthy, that way when I have a hearty dinner or too much ice cream before bed, I can think about my accomplishments that day too! For me personally, I can’t cut all the things I love out. It makes me miserable and cranky!! And almost eat more! I just have found a balance that I’m content with. Other small habits I’ve developed include setting a goal each morning for how much water to drink that day! Not only is water good for your skin and hydration, but it also helps boost your metabolism & I have found it makes me feel less hungry throughout the day if I am hydrated! I try to eat all natural and dominantly organic foods, rarely processed! I don’t take any type of workout “supplement”, however I’m not opposed to certain ones! I just prefer to get all my nutrients through food instead. Plus, if you couldn’t tell already, I love food. So I’d rather get to eat than take a supplement πŸ˜‚

I hope this kinda gives you guys a look inside my current health life. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated as things change or as I find new habits to add into my routine. Being healthy is SO important, especially as we get older. Plus, it makes you feel so much better about yourself and so much happier! It affects your mood, relationships – everything. Sorry for the crazy long post today! I thought it would be easiest to do it all in one…but it may have just given you an hour worth of reading!! Whoops. Anyways, happy Friday! I hope you guys have the best weekend! 

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