Trend: Cold Shoulders

My Look: Top (old from Shop KarlieRae but bringing in more cold shoulders soon!) | Denim | Shoes | Watch (less expensive one here that is 40% off!)

Happy Friday Babes! For anyone else, have you been thinking it’s Friday when you wake up the past like three days??! I could have sworn I thought it was Friday yesterday and on Wednesday…that’s what happens when the sun’s finally shining I guess! Can’t complain! 

Off shoulder tops have been a trend for the past few years, although huge right now, but what I feel like is new on the radar is cold shoulder tops. My favorite thing about cold shoulder tops, is you can wear the most basic of shirts, but it has a cold shoulder, and you feel slightly more dressed up and put together than you would if it were a normal top. Make sense? It’s fashion for the lazy. Lately, they have made such adorable cold shoulder tops that are anything but basic too. There really are cold shoulder tops in any style. Fun fact – my wedding dress was actually technically a cold shoulder!! It had thin spaghetti straps to hold it up while the lace went off both shoulders, but a year ago I wasn’t sold on the cold shoulder so I had the straps removed and the dress more ‘structured’ so it would hold up as ‘strapless’ with the lace overlay! Ironically, now a year later, (well almost a year, our anniversary is two weeks from this SUNDAY!!), I’m talking about how trendy cold shoulders are. (If you haven’t been following very long and want to see my dress, my wedding post is here). Below, you can shop over 20 of my current favorite cold shoulder tops and even a few dresses! 

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend and I totally forgot!! Yesterday everyone kept asking me if I had plans this weekend and I was kinda like ‘I mean doing what I do every weekend’ and then realized that it’s a holiday weekend and that tons of people actually make real plans. Al is going golfing Saturday for a bachelor party, and I have a wedding Saturday that I will be attending solo since him and I didn’t realize these events were the same day. Whoops. We aren’t the best planners.  But we are hoping either we spend the weekend on the lake boating, or after the wedding I drive over to where he is golfing and we spend the rest of the weekend there. We will see! Anyways, with whatever your plans are, I hope you all have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend and enjoy some sunshine!! 




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