Little Colorblock Dress

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Happy Friday ya’ll! I was so excited when I got this darling dress in the mail and couldn’t wait to style it and wear it out! I can honestly say that my three favorite colors of the moment are blush, yellow, and gray so it really couldn’t be more perfect!! These are already my go-to colors – all in one piece. This dress also has pockets!!! That is for some reason always a selling point for me. Pockets add character to everything. Another selling point – it’s $20. Yup. That’s all. 

On another note, Al and I’s one year wedding anniversary is next Sunday! I seriously cannot believe it’s already here. This year FLEW by. I’m thinking of doing a ‘year one of marriage’ recap on my blog next weekend where I reflect back on everything we did / that happened in the past year!! It truly is crazy to look back on a whole entire year. As far as what we are doing, he is in charge of that 😉 I did offer because I’m a planner but he insisted!! As long as it includes yummy food I’ll be a happy girl. I also was trying to think of the ‘anniversary rule’ when it comes to gifts…am I supposed to get him something?! Cause if so, I haven’t. What are you guys’ thoughts?? Any ideas?? I’m so stumped! For stuff like anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, I usually like doing more meaningful gifts where Christmas and birthdays are more ‘apparel’ or ‘electronics’, stuff like that. So let me know your ideas! And it also has to be something that I can get within a couple of days….lol. 

Wishing you guys a great weekend with some sunshine and outdoors!! 



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