A Little About Myself,

Welcome to my blog! My name is Karlie and I am a twenty-something year old living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my hubby of 2 years and our French Bulldog pup, Leo. We are also now expecting our FIRST BABY, coming May 2019 and could not be more excited!!

My love for fashion really grew back in 2013 when working for Nordstrom, and my blog blossomed back in 2014 while in beauty school. Fashion and beauty were naturally what I started writing about and sharing with the world. Over the years, as I’ve entered new stages of life I’ve gotten to bring so many new aspects to my blog – home content, diary entries, wedding posts, fitness routines, my faith, travels, and now family life and parenthood!

I married into a home building family which has brought a whole new passion into my life – all things home! I plan to expand my blog’s home content in the upcoming months and cannot wait to bring you all along on that journey with me! (You can view our family’s custom home site here, and follow them on Instagram here!)

Below are some frequently asked questions, hopefully this answers some of yours and helps you get to know me (us!) a little better! If you have any others, always feel free to send me a DM over Instagram or shoot me an email!


Have you always lived in the Seattle area?

Since I was 2 years old, so basically yes! I was born in San Francisco but my family is from Washington so my parents moved back here when I was just two years old! Since then I’ve been bouncing around the southern Seattle area.

Do you have hair extensions? 

Not anymore! I had them for about 3 years and just stopped wearing them in November of 2017. I loved extensions and have thought about putting them back in many times! Eventually I think I’ll cave 😉 My favorite brand I’ve had so far are tape in extensions called Perfectress.

Where are you favorite places to shop for home decor + furniture?

Oh so many!!! A few of my faves are West Elm, CB2, Homegoods, Crate and Barrel, Lulu and Georgia, and of course Restoration Hardware for all things luxury inspo.

What camera do you use?

I currently shoot a lot of my blog & Instagram content with photographers, but I do have my own camera for times I’m not shooting with a photographer and for my YouTube channel! I have a Sony a5100 with a 35mm lens.

What is your best advice for new bloggers?

Wow so many things!! First would be that it takes a lot of time and consistency! I spent years just posting randomly with no rhythm or schedule and it wasn’t until I committed to posting daily that I really grew my blog and social media platforms. I’ve also been blogging since 2014 so it’s taken me years to get where I am today. Nothing happens over night! Another piece of advice I have is to really showcase your personality! Be active on your stories and connect with the followers you do have there! Creating relationships with the people who already followed me not only helped me grow, but also helped me create a community of women who I just adore and feel like we are real life best friends. It’s been amazing!

What is your workout routine? 

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you know I am a big Orange Theory fan!! That workout has really changed the game for me as far as motivation goes and is the only thing I have ever stuck to! I’ve been going since September 2016. Outside of that, I love class settings so pilates, hot yoga and cycling are always fun for me to throw into the mix. I also LOVE running outside when the weather allows, and Al and I love to walk Leo in the summer!

Where did you get Leo?

Al actually surprised me with Leo and was part of the proposal!! He got him at Rock House Frenchies, which is a breeder in Arizona. Our cousins / best friends also got their Frenchie there too about a year after we got Leo!

Where’s the top place you’ve traveled to?

Bora Bora for our honeymoon!! No doubt! We stayed in at the Four Seasons Resort in the huts over the water – it was an absolute dream! Here is my post on it. When I switched sites my photos from old posts didn’t transfer so I gotta get the photos back up on it sadly!!


I’ll add to these / take them down as different questions get asked! Again, don’t be a stranger guys! ❤