Weekend Lover + Talk About The Comparison Game

Questions I receive almost on the daily are “how is your store going?!” and “why haven’t you had new arrivals out for a bit?!” Mostly the typical ‘busy life’ answer would come to mind and would almost always be my response. But if I’m going to be completely raw with you guys like I know you always hope for me to be, I went through a little slump. A slump that I am finally crawling out of and ready to address… 

Getting Cozy With Maewoven

About a month ago, Al and I updated our couch throw pillows to these adorable Maewoven ones and we COULDN’T BE HAPPIER!! No joke, I want two more for my couch and to also cover my entire bed in them!! I’ve been crushing on their pillows for a long time so to get them in my house was the best feeling. I feel like they pull the entire room together.