My Minted Art Prints

When Al and I moved into our home, our first priority when it came to ‘home purchases’ was the main furniture. I’m actually laughing as I type this because we had complications with our dining table and still don’t have one…and that seems like it should be a piece of ‘main furniture’ haha! But as we filled our kitchen and living room, it didn’t feel quite complete without filling up some of the empty wall space…

My Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Picks

It’s the day after Christmas and for many of us, that is a big sigh of relief that the holiday shopping has come to a close. For others, you got some gift cards you want to spend or those friends / family members who’s birthdays lie in late December or January that you need to still shop for and you are thinking…now what?! This is where the beautiful Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale comes in!!! 

Top of the Rock – New York City

When in NYC this past September for New York Fashion Week, one of my favorite things that we did was go to ‘Top of the Rock’. I love traveling to NYC for fashion week and although I love the rush of all the parties and events – it’s always so nice and important to me to take some time to do the tourist things as well…

Christmas Cozies

It’s December 1st!! Cue the Christmas music, decorations, holiday treats…oh wait. That all went down our household almost a month ago. Yes, we are those people! Al actually thinks I’m slightly crazy when I start talking about putting up our tree and such since he thinks we should wait until after Thanksgiving…but I will say he immediately comes around when he gets home from work early November to a lit tree and music playing! I think I’ve converted him…

It’s A Girl!!

The news is out!! Yesterday morning we got to find out that the sweet babe growing inside of me is a little girl! Honestly, I am still in shock and there is a huge part of me that doesn’t believe it!! I keep staring at the ultrasound images we got trying to figure out if it’s really a for sure thing. Especially with it being so early, it just seems crazy that they were able to tell us our gender at only 13 weeks