Our Summer Plans and Summer Attire

Woah how is it JUNE!! As I went to type this I was about to type ‘almost June’ and then I was like wait…we are almost a whole week in! I am so excited about this summer and for multiple reasons – but mostly getting to be outside! I love all things outdoors, but only when it’s warm out haha. Talk to me in winter and I will tell you the complete opposite. I’m not an outdoor girl in the winter. Once these months hit, I love to hike, walk my dog, go out on the boat, adventure downtown, and just really soak it all in….

Some Cozy Essentials

The ‘cozy trend’ was huge over these winter months and is one that I don’t see slowing down as spring comes. I am sure than any of you reading this that physically have an Instagram account have seen these sherpas all over. They really were the ‘it’ item this season!! When I got my package from Southern Shirt in the mail, I did an InstaStory try on session for you guys and got such a good response that you all loved them!! So I knew I had to do a more permanent post with their items for those of you who may have missed it otherwise I feel that I’d be doing you guys a disservice 🙂 I found Southern Shirt via Instagram because a couple of my favorite girls, (Bre and Sam) and been posting in their sherpas and I just thought they were so dang cute I had to get in touch with them! So I was thrilled when they agreed to work together because this coziness is right up my alley. A couple of my favorite things from them is

What’s In My (new) Makeup Bag

Hi friends! It has been a little while since I have updated you all on my current beauty products. When I partnered up with Jon Hart bags, I knew this would be a perfect time to not only talk about my updated products that I have added into my routine, but also my new makeup bag that is HUGE, GOOD FOR TRAVEL, & the best part…PINK.

I like to switch up my makeup bags every couple of months because mine get SO dirty with makeup stains and start to just look plain over used. But I have a feeling that this one is one I’ll be able to keep around for awhile!! The quality is great, it’s going to be my go-to for travel and will also carry all my hair products and such because it is so big! I also got the matching weekender bag which will be a perfect carry-on for airport trips but also a great bag for our weekend getaways too…