Our Summer Plans and Summer Attire

Woah how is it JUNE!! As I went to type this I was about to type ‘almost June’ and then I was like wait…we are almost a whole week in! I am so excited about this summer and for multiple reasons – but mostly getting to be outside! I love all things outdoors, but only when it’s warm out haha. Talk to me in winter and I will tell you the complete opposite. I’m not an outdoor girl in the winter. Once these months hit, I love to hike, walk my dog, go out on the boat, adventure downtown, and just really soak it all in….

How To Make Money Blogging

Alright…I know these photos have absolutely nothing to do with today’s topic – other than it’s about blogging and these are blog photos haha but I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time now & these photos turned out fun so here we are 🙂 

Something I get asked ALL THE TIME is how to make money blogging! And I’ve also been approached by so many people who don’t even know that blogging, being an influencer, whatever you do with your creative space, even generates income! Which is totally fine and I don’t blame you. Although this industry has been around for some years now…it’s also SO NEW. And it’s really being invented and changed as time goes. So many things about this business have changed since I started blogging myself, and I know that I will have to keep learning and adapting each year as it expands…

I Was A Model For The Day!

I did something super fun this past week and it was a total walk down memory lane!! If you are new around here, you may not know this, but last year I opened an online clothing store! It was a little boutique that I sold online and locally and ran all by myself out of our house. After a couple of months I realized that my real passion was solely in blogging and that that is where I wanted to put my focus and energy into – but that forever gives me such a love for boutiques!! And the boss babes running them! It’s no easy task! 

Something fun that some bloggers have been doing now…

A Few Of My Favorite Dresses For Easter

This week marked the first day of Spring which means Easter is literally right around the corner! Less than two weeks away! As a little girl, every single year I would look forward to getting a brand new Easter dress to wear to church and to our family brunches. It was a tradition, something I loved and something that has stuck with me since. Now even as adult married girl, I always buy a new dress for that special day.

With it coming up so fast, I thought I would style two of my favorite options for Easter dresses this year, as well as show you…