Our Big News! We Bought A New House!!

It’s been a long time coming and I am so excited to update you guys with our life and tell all of you that we bought a new house!! Keeping this secret from my online fam has been SO hard  but Al and I wanted to make sure everything went over smoothly and was set in stone before telling you guys about this new chapter! 

Now for story time because I’m sure a lot of you have some questions and are wondering why the heck we are leaving our beloved Lang Love Shack on the lake. As I’m sure most of you know, Al and I bought a small lake house when we were engaged and spent our entire engagement and first 8 months of marriage remodeling. We love our house and the lake life is truly like nothing else in the world. When we were engaged we were thinking we would be able to stay in that house for 5 years or so because…

3 Simple Ways To “Spring” Up Your Living Room

I’m sure most of you who aren’t local have noticed based on my Instagram, but it’s finally SPRING in Seattle!! Ahh! We are always behind when Spring starts hitting other spots of the country, but let me tell you guys – when it comes there’s nothing like the PNW in the sunshine. We are hitting 80 degrees this week! With this change of season, I am so happy to be partnering with eBay to share how I’ve given my living room a Spring update! Now that I’m almost two years into being a wifey, wife duties are in full swing. Keeping our decor align with seasons / holidays is something I always want to be doing for my husband and someday our family….

My Copy Cat Starbucks Egg White Bites

There is not a day-maker quite like going through the Starbucks drive thru, asking if they have any ‘egg white bites’ left, them saying they do, and starting your day with those tasty little morsels. If you don’t know what I’m talking about – just go tomorrow. You can come back to this post and thank me after 🙂 The sad part about my egg white addiction is that I started leaving my house in the morning, just to drive to my local Starbucks to get them, and drive back. Not only did it set my entire day back with having to leave my house for no reason…but it also added up $$$!!

Something else that inspired my recreation of these is that I am a #badwifey and rarely wake up to make my hubby breakfast in the mornings…I know shame on me. I enjoy my slumber, (but really guys I take any chance to sleep in I can haha) and my husband is a little picky when it comes to eating. (Love you babe  but it’s kinda true). He does love simple comfort food and something easy to reheat and grab on-the-go like this is something…

My Top 5 Favorite Etsy Shops For Home Decor

As much as I love some of my big home decor stores like West Elm, CB2, Crate and Barrel, and Lulu and Georgia…there is something so special about shopping at a small Etsy shop knowing your piece was crafted with love  There is also nothing better than a piece in your house that means something to you and your family, and Etsy shops are perfect for those more customized items.

Al and I moved into our first home together last February so it’s been just over a year. We had purchased the big things like our couch, rugs, tables, etc., and although it might appear to be completely decorated…for us something was missing. After sitting down on our couch one night…

Instagram Round-up & Mini AZ Recap

Happy Wednesday from Scottsdale!! My husband, two of our best friends, and I got here last Friday to do a little mini ‘baby moon’ trip for them since they are expecting in May (SO EXCITING) and this is our last sunny hoorah before baby boy comes!!

Our agenda for this trip basically consisted of pool time, going to our favorite restaurants, and doing little shopping – nothing more, nothing less. That is just how I like it!! Some of the restaurants we made sure to go to were…