5 Home Remodel Mistakes To Avoid

Meet my husband, Al, and I. Newlyweds that got married the summer of 2016 and upon arriving home from our honeymoon, moved straight into my in law’s basement. Alec grew up on a lake that is now so dear to our hearts, (and my parents now live on it too!), so when we got engaged and a little house went on the market, right on the lake AND right down the street from both of our parents, we knew we wanted to go after it…

Getting Cozy With Maewoven

About a month ago, Al and I updated our couch throw pillows to these adorable Maewoven ones and we COULDN’T BE HAPPIER!! No joke, I want two more for my couch and to also cover my entire bed in them!! I’ve been crushing on their pillows for a long time so to get them in my house was the best feeling. I feel like they pull the entire room together.