Tips For Styling Your Bar Cart

I FINALLY got myself a bar cart and this is an item I have been searching for for about 2 years! I haven’t been able to find one that matches our style AND is in our budget – it’s been quite the struggle. We wanted black, (or close to black), and every one we found was $400+…until I stumbled across this one on eBay!

What I love about the bar cart trend in homes is that you can really style your cart HOWEVER you’d like. They serve so many purposes…

3 Simple Ways To “Spring” Up Your Living Room

I’m sure most of you who aren’t local have noticed based on my Instagram, but it’s finally SPRING in Seattle!! Ahh! We are always behind when Spring starts hitting other spots of the country, but let me tell you guys – when it comes there’s nothing like the PNW in the sunshine. We are hitting 80 degrees this week! With this change of season, I am so happy to be partnering with eBay to share how I’ve given my living room a Spring update! Now that I’m almost two years into being a wifey, wife duties are in full swing. Keeping our decor align with seasons / holidays is something I always want to be doing for my husband and someday our family….