Our Summer Plans and Summer Attire

Woah how is it JUNE!! As I went to type this I was about to type ‘almost June’ and then I was like wait…we are almost a whole week in! I am so excited about this summer and for multiple reasons – but mostly getting to be outside! I love all things outdoors, but only when it’s warm out haha. Talk to me in winter and I will tell you the complete opposite. I’m not an outdoor girl in the winter. Once these months hit, I love to hike, walk my dog, go out on the boat, adventure downtown, and just really soak it all in….

10 Must Haves For Spring Break

Can you believe it’s already March? Every time I write the date or look at the calendar I just cannot wrap my head around how fast 2018 is going by. I’m fine with winter going by fast but can time please slow down a little when summer comes?  I want to get to enjoy it and soak up all the moments and sunshine! 
Today I am rounding up my top 10 picks for spring break…but really just my summer must haves! Everything from my…