My Favorite Tie Dress

Hi there loves! I cannot believe it is already FRIDAY! Usually I feel like weeks tend to go by pretty slowly but maybe having Valentine’s Day in the middle of the week made it fly by! I mean it’s not a usual occurrence to have a date night on a random Wednesday haha!

This week for me has been a lot of catching up! Last week was pretty busy so to be honest, my house got to be a complete wreck – I didn’t fold any of our laundry, I hadn’t replied to any email in about a week, it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve gone through and replied to my Instagram DM’S (which I still gotta do sorry guys!), it’s been crazy! So these past couple of days, and especially yesterday, I dedicated to…

Some Cozy Essentials

The ‘cozy trend’ was huge over these winter months and is one that I don’t see slowing down as spring comes. I am sure than any of you reading this that physically have an Instagram account have seen these sherpas all over. They really were the ‘it’ item this season!! When I got my package from Southern Shirt in the mail, I did an InstaStory try on session for you guys and got such a good response that you all loved them!! So I knew I had to do a more permanent post with their items for those of you who may have missed it otherwise I feel that I’d be doing you guys a disservice 🙂 I found Southern Shirt via Instagram because a couple of my favorite girls, (Bre and Sam) and been posting in their sherpas and I just thought they were so dang cute I had to get in touch with them! So I was thrilled when they agreed to work together because this coziness is right up my alley. A couple of my favorite things from them is

7 Tips To Start Transitioning Your Wardrobe From Winter To Spring

Happy Tuesday friends! It is still just the middle of January, but with Christmas and New Years gone…my head automatically starts thinking SPRING! Am I a little too early? Haha. This time of the year, I usually start to think more about transitioning my wardrobe to that awkward stage of “spinter”, (that’s spring and winter and the months/weeks where you are in the middle of each season). As I am buying new items, I want to be able to wear them now because I’m excited about them, but also know that I’ll be able to wear them for the following months too. I think you will be seeing a lot more “spinter” content on my blog over the next few months. I have gotten a lot of DM’s lately and a hot topic seems to be how to transition your wardrobe to Spring…