My $13 Ring Cleaner | Thumbs Up Thursday

As I am writing this post I cannot believe that I haven’t shared this goodness with you guys sooner! I remember the minute I got engaged, I went straight to my mother-in-law, (who is my go-to for tons of things in life – skincare, makeup, recipes, health tips, you name it) and asked her what cleaner I should buy to give my ring that extra sparkle when it’s gone through days of lotions, makeup, etc. For any of you engaged or married, you know how obsessed you are with your ring, especially at first, and I just wanted to clean that baby all the time haha! I was expecting to have to splurge on some steaming machine or something fancy…

10 Benefits of Ice Rolling | Thumbs Up Thursday

Alright babes, (and gents if you’re reading this haha), I am so excited for today’s Thumbs Up Thursday and to chat today about my top favorite thing that I’ve added to my morning routine…ice rolling! The first time I actually ever heard / saw ice rolling (also known as jade rolling) was on my friend Taylor’s Instagram story! She was always on there rolling away and I was always so intrigued as to why she loved it so much! Eventually she wrote about it on her blog, and I knew it was something I needed to give a try for myself. Best part? I got my roller for only $12!! It’s such an inexpensive thing to add to your routine…

Thumbs Up Thursday: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

What’s up friends! Happy Thursday! Today brings another ‘Thumbs Up Thursday’ aka something I am absolutely LOVING lately and that you all gotta try. I was so happy that when I introduced this new series last week you guys were excited and involved and I can’t wait to bring more ‘review’ and ‘highlight’ style posts onto my blog. Some things in life just deserve a spotlight and a giant thumbs up am I right?!

Today I am talking about the only lip product that I have ever felt that I cannot live without: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. About a month ago I went to Sephora to grab a couple new things that I’ve been dying to try and I shared on my Instagram stories the things I was grabbing. When I shared that I was grabbing this to try I got SO many DM’s, maybe my most ever not kidding haha, saying how life changing this product was. With that said, I had extremely high expectations but was also really excited about it….